INTLAW provides legal advice in order to avoid potential sources of legal and reputational risk for corporations, particularly common in civil, administrative and criminal proceedings. We help to implement and develop the requirements to prevent legal risks and to control regulatory compliance, including advising, planning and implementing internal audits as a preventive or reactive measure once risk situations have been identified.

We provide legal support for both companies and for their shareholders and senior management.

We have the best professionals in the field of regulatory compliance, with extensive experience in designing regulatory compliance plans in accordance with Spanish regulations and the highest international standards.

  • Design, development and implementation of Integrated Systems of Regulatory Compliance and Organization and Management Models for Crime Prevention
  • Adaptation and updating of Regulatory Compliance Systems and Crime Prevention Models to international standards
  • Design, preparation and implementation of whistle blowing channels
  • Support and advice to the Compliance Officer, as well as to the governing and regulatory compliance bodies on the matter
  • Advice as External Compliance Officers
  • Provision of training and ad hoc information to all members of the organisation
  • Development and implementation of appropriate compliance protocols in specific areas (competition, data protection, environment and employment practices, tax liability, etc.)
  • Integration of the compliance model, including that of foreign subsidiaries, into corporate governance structures.
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