UK Desk

The UK desk is a legal, cultural and linguistic bridge for UK nationals resident in Spain wishing to transfer all or part of their interests or expand into Spain.

The UK desk is made up of a team of professionals that, as a result of their extensive experience acquired in different specialist departments (corporate, real estate, administrative, international, tax, commercial, civil, intellectual property etc.) work together to provide a comprehensive and effective service tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Providing professional support to companies undergoing internationalisation and clients with legal concerns related to UK or Spanish law, the UK Desk advises on a range of matters, from small daily legal issues to complex operations.

Our specialist professionals in UK law offer full service assistance to clients needing to protect their interests in the UK, eliminating the need for a return to the UK to deal with their affairs.

The UK Desk is also a Spanish Desk as our professionals advise in Spain and in the UK. We provide an attentive and effective service, dealing with each matter promptly and efficiently with no unnecessary complications.

Meet Our Lawyers Representing the United Kingdom Desk