Chinese Desk

The Chinese desk is a legal, cultural and linguistic bridge for Chinese nationals resident in Spain wishing to transfer all or part of their interests or expand into Spain.

Our Chinese desk is made up of lawyers based in Spain with Chinese nationality with the capacity to provide comprehensive advice to companies and private individuals. Our team is well-versed in the issues Chinese companies and investors can face in Spain and that Spanish businesses must deal with if they seek to establish a project in China.

Our professionals provide extensive and wide-reaching support to companies wanting to expand their activities in China and to those that for various reasons will come into contact with Chinese or Spanish law.

We maintain excellent relationships with Chinese firms, and these collaborations allow our team to operate in a rapid and effective way. We understand the legal ramifications of relationships between China and Spain and we always add value and consider the legal position from a commercial perspective and for the benefit of the business of our clients.

To establish working relations within China requires a deep cultural, economic and legal knowledge and our native experts are on hand, assisting our clients in order to prevent and diagnose the legal risks.

Meet Our Lawyers Representing the Chinese Desk