Eleonora Miele (Translator & Legal Assistant)


Mail: em@intlaw.eu
Phone: +34 931 125 423
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Practice Areas:

Translating a wide variety of legal texts and documents 


Italian, English, Spanish, Chinese and French


After completing her Master’s Degree in Interpreting and Translation in Italy, Eleonora decided to leave for China to deepen and strengthen her knowledge of the Chinese language and culture, thus ending up staying for more than one year first in Beijing and then in Hangzhou. Her experiences abroad gave her the opportunity not only to improve her language skills, but also to broaden her working perspectives, combining her strong command of Italian, English, Chinese, Spanish and French with her interest for Law and International Relations. 

She started her path at Intlaw thanks to a programme aimed at training new and young professionals in the skills essential to the 21st century workplace. After that, she officially became part of the team, realizing that working in the multicultural and multinational environment that Intlaw represents, was the right place to keep growing as a translator, achieving new goals and gaining more expertise.  

Now, Eleonora is in charge of translating a wide array of legals texts and documents across all the different practice areas of specialization of our team of professionals, such as:

  • Business contracts, Terms and Conditions, Privacy policies, Cooking policies;
  • Consultancy agreements, Confidentiality agreements and Client reports;
  • Legal statements, disclaimers and opinions, Written and oral questions;
  • Litigation documentation (medical reports, certificates of death, etc.);
  • Intellectual Property translations (patent, design and trademark documents).

In addition, Eleonora assists our team of lawyers and professionals performing different administrative and back office tasks, such as contacting and scheduling meetings with clients, creating drafts of service proposals, requesting the registration of official documents, writing posts and articles on legal news, etc.

  • Master’s Degree in Interpreting and Translation.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication.