Data Protection

INTLAW companies on data protection issues, ensuring compliance with data protection laws; we conduct data protection audits, draft and negotiate contracts for the transfer, process or otherwise involving personal data; and we represent clients in proceedings relating to notification, authorization and compliance requirements, before the Spanish data protection agencies, as well as before the courts.

  • Adapting to the RGPDE and LOPDGDD and the implementing legislation
  • Legal audits and audits on information systems to verify the correct implementation of the required security measures
  • Legal assistance and representation in procedures related to data protection
  • Drafting sectoral codes of conduct
  • Drafting security protocols, records of processing activities, authentication documents, and security policies.
  • Providing advice and designing accountability measures to ensure that data is processed in accordance with the GDPR.
  • Providing advice on international data transfer projects and binding corporate rules
  • Legal opinions and advice for complying and enforcing the group of obligations under the legislation
  • Analyzing or advising on any risks a particular product or service may pose to the data subject’s right to data protection (DPIA)
  • Drafting contracts with particular data protection implications.
  • Participating in the phases of due diligence and contract negotiation and guarantees related to business dealings
  • Support services for Data Protection Officers (DPO)
  • Providing advice on security issues, transfers of personal data, personal data security breaches, codes of conduct and certification, among others
  • Training and setting up security and data protection committees
  • Adapting websites
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