Labor Hub (HR Consulting)

Labor Hub is offering a comprehensive labour consultancy service which includes advice on labor law and payroll administration. Labor Hub offers total outsourcing of personnel administration and labour law advice and services, providing a comprehensive solution for companies and HR departments covering labour law advice and payroll management.

Our labour law consultancy solution offers the following services:

  • Hiring, Social Security.
  • Strategic advice, proposing solutions and helping to prevent labour disputes.
  • Payroll Management and Administration.
  • Relations with Employees Legal Representatives.
  • Dismissals and Employment Disputes.
  • Work Inspection.

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What Labor Hub Does for Your Business

  • Controlling and listing temporary hire expiry dates
  • Drafting custom lists and spreadsheets for any type of information relating to personnel and salaries in the database
Employee Registration and Deregistration:
  • Management of registration, deregistration and data changes for workers in the Social Security general scheme
  • Drafting job contracts according to official models, in all types of employment
  • Registering job contracts with the State Public Employment Service
  • Drafting severance packages and company certificates
  • Processing employment subsidies and studies of government grants
Management Tasks:
  • Managing any formalities with the Social Security Treasury General (TGSS), the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and mutual insurance companies
  • Advice and management of expatriate workers’ employment documentation
  • Managing temporary disability and industrial accident reports
  • Work inspections
  • Social Security settlements
SS Contributions and IRPF:
  • Drafting Contribution Payment Receipts (TC1, TC2, TC2/1) for Social Security payments
  • Drafting the monthly payments on account of IRPF withholdings (forms 111/216) and annual summary of the IRPF withholdings (forms 190/296). State and regional
  • Drafting the certificate of earned income
  • Drafting wage receipts (payroll: monthly payments, extra payments, delays, variables)
  • Drafting lists for payroll accounting, according to the client’s needs
  • Processing bank remittances to pay salaries
  • Calculating employees’ IRPF income tax according to their family situation and income