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The website informs the User that Cookies are implemented and active during the User’s browsing experience in (hereinafter, the “Website”). Subsequently, and in accordance with the Royal Decree Act 13/2012, of 30th of March, which rules on the use of cookies in relation to the rendering of electronic communication services, we inform the User about the Cookies terms, use and purposes, as well as the possibility to reject them.

The present Cookies Policy is part of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the Website, therefore, INTLAW is the controller of the processing of the data collected through the Cookies implemented on the Website, whether own or third parties’ Cookies, and decides on the purpose, content and use of the collected information.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are files which contain little amounts of information and are downloaded on the User’s device whilst visiting a website. The main purpose of the Cookies is, among others, to allow a website to store and recover information about the User’s browsing habits, and even recognize the User when accessing the Website, improving the quality and better use of the website.

Cookies are essential for the Internet operation; they cannot harm the User’s equipment/device, and if they are activated in the browsing configuration, they help identify and solve possible errors of the Website.

Types of Cookies

There are several types of Cookies which may be classified in different categories:

1) Depending on the entity that manages them:

  • Own Cookies: These Cookies are created and sent through the Website visited to the User’s terminal, equipment, or device. They are managed by the Website’s editor.
  • Third parties’ Cookies: These Cookies are created and sent to the User’s terminal, equipment, or device by third entities foreign to the Website visited, which process and manage the data and information collected.

2) Depending on the activation time:

  • Session Cookies: These Cookies collect information and store data during the time the User is accessing to the website (session), being automatically deleted when the User logs out.
  • Persistent Cookies: The information and data collected by these Cookies stay in the User’s terminal, equipment or device for a time limit determined by the controller of the Cookies, which allows the access to the data and its processing temporarily.

3) Depending on the purpose:

  • Analysis Cookies: These Cookies allows to quantify the number of Users during the browsing on the Website.
  • Technical Cookies: These Cookies are used for the operation, maintenance, and management of a website (traffic control of the website and data’s communication flow, to identify the session, to access to elements of restricted access, storage of content, among others). These Cookies do not require the User’s consent.
  • Customization Cookies: These Cookies allow to establish a memory for certain characteristics of the website based on the User’s selection (language, geographic area, type of browser, among others), in order to have a customized browsing experience.
  • Behavioural advertising Cookies: These Cookies store the information of the visitors’ behaviour by the continuing observation of their browsing habits, which allows to develop a specific profile in order to display personalized advertising ads.

Cookies Usage

INTLAW’s Website uses the following Cookies:

1) Own Cookies




To store the User’s cookie consent status for the current domain



1 year

2) Statistical Cookies


Google Analytics (_ga)

Google Analytics (_gat)

Google Analytics (_gid)


To identify the User who browses the Website with statistical purposes

To control the rate of requests

To identify the User’s who browses the Website with statistical purposes


Google, Inc.

Google, Inc.

Google, Inc.


2 years

1 minute


Revocation and deletion of Cookies

We inform the User can delete, block and disable the Cookies at any time by modifying the browsers configuration.

On the following links the User can block the Cookies through the configuration tools of each browser:

Changes in the Cookies Policy

It is possible the Cookies Policy of our Website may be updated. Therefore, we recommend the User to check this policy each time it accesses our Website with the aim of being duly informed about how and for what purposes we use Cookies.

Privacy Policy

For further information about the processing of personal data you can read our Privacy Policy.


Should you have any doubt, comment or recommendation about the Cookies Policy, please send a message to:

Last Update: May 25th, 2018.